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Insights based Analytics

Advance Analytics is at the heart of bringing about Business optimization, Operational efficiency and monetizing companies data. We provide analytics tools so you will have better insights to your data.

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Big Data Integration

We build, integrate and implement solutions for Big Data clients across industries. Our industry experienced Big Data experts will help customize solutions to meet your needs.

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Cloud migration

Discovery and security assessments of applications is key to successful migration of applications to cloud. We provide application discovery platform powered by AppDimensions to help you guide through your cloud migration efforts.

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Case Studies

Recommendation engine / Retail customer

The Retailer currently sells high end designer cloths both inside stores and presence on web. The E-retailers wants to build a platform to engage in personalized product recommendation services to increase revenue from web-based sales.

As part of the initiative, a scalable advance ananlytics platform was built on Big data technolgies and up-to-date customer and product information was delivered through a robust Real time data ingestion pipeline. The solution entails both Batch and Speed data ingestion layers with recommendations built on top of Apache Spark based eco system and delivered through a Datastax Cassandra based platform.

Actionable insights / Auto loan company

This Auto Manufacturing Company sells financial products to its customer (Loans and Insurances) and wants to generate actionable insights from customer interactions collected through multiple chanels. It further wants to leverage the insight to predict the "Next Best Action" to reduce customer churn and enhance overall customer experience.

As part of solution, the rule based legacy data analytics process was replaced with Machine learning and Predictive analytics leveraging spark based scalable platform. The new solution enhances the overall customer experience, reduces customer discontent and resulting in less churn.

Data Transformation / Insurance company

This Insurance company was using legacy relational data platform for storing and processing claims and provider data for the US Army Veterans. The business reporting and analytics were performed with Standard BI tools with different data silos and no common data framework.

A new data lake initiative was started to collate various transactional and master data from all diverse source systems and built several frameworks encompassing data ingestion, processing and provisioning leveraging Big Data and NoSQL components.

Our Key partners and Strategic alliances

We work closely with a number of leading and emerging big data technology vendors that provide complementary solutions to deliver exciting results for our customers. We firmly believe successful partnerships built on solid foundations of customer-focused collaboration, joint innovation and long-term relationship development help to deliver sustainable growth and enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

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